Lucas Cohen

5 AI Tools I Regularly Use in My Marketing Workflows

Creativity Inside Computer (DALL-E)

Image generated using DALL·E

AI tools are becoming so prevalent that I’m now coming back to them on a daily basis.

Based on the rate of change in this space, I assume these will change or update quickly. But for now, here are some of my favorites and go-tos:

1. DALL·E 2

AI Text-to-Image Generation

What is it? DALL·E is a text-to-image generation tool that creates beautiful art from simple word and phrase prompts.

How am I using it? Generating article header images and unique slides for work presentations.

Example: From the following prompt, “the similarity between the shape of human lungs and the shape of tree branches, digital art,” I was able to create these images:

Lungs & Trees (DALL·E)


AI Powered Video Summaries

What is it? This web app creates bullet-point summaries of YouTube videos.

How am I using it? I’ve been using it to review work meetings and presentations to get a quick sense of what was discussed.

Example: I summarized a keynote presentation to discern what short-form marketing videos could come from it.

Summarize.Tech Example

H/t to @LyskovAndrei for sharing this one with me!

3. Image Quality Enhancer

AI Image Enhancement

What is it? A simple application that lets you upload an image and generate a higher quality version of it.

How am I using it? For an amazon business, I uploaded a previously pixelated product listing image and ran it through this app to enhance it.


GRT Before and After Image Enhancer

(Note: We did also edit the lighting manually after using the AI tool, but you can still see a noticeable difference in the quality of the image, especially the tattoo product itself)

4. OpenAI's Playground

AI Text Generation

What is it? This is effectively a sandbox for Open AI’s text generation model via GPT-3. You type in any prompt or request, and GPT-3 will generate text that completes it, matching the context of what you wrote.

How am I using it? Article structure ideas, startup ideas, tweet structure ideas. Effectively overcoming writer’s block by adding scaffolding to potential content.

Example: When thinking about the structure for this post, I asked GPT-3 in the Playground app, and here’s what it said (highlighted in green):

OpenAI Playground Example

5. Avatar AI

AI Generated Personal Avatars

What is it? This app generates hundreds of animated-style and photo realistic avatars of yourself in different situations.

How am I using it? Most recently, my wife and I used it to generate photos of her wearing her temporary face tattoo designs to see what the AI model would create. Not only did it create incredibly unique avatar generations of her, but it also made new variations of her tattoo designs, sparking a bunch of new product ideas.

(This one I’ll hold on sharing the photo until she creates the new product, but it’s awesome!)


So what’s next for marketers and designers?

I think AI-powered tools will become a regular part of day-to-day workflows in the coming months and years.

I consistently find myself saving time and generating new ideas from them (and the new ones are super fun to experiment with).

So check them out, try them for yourself, and let me know if you find others that you come back to regularly!

- Nov 13, 2022