Lucas Cohen

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I grew up in and around Toronto and moved to California shortly after graduting university.


Founder of AuthorCMO – we launch high-end courses and certifications for author entrepreneurs.

Prior to that, I was the CMO/COO at Flow Genome Project – a leadership, neuroscience and optimal psychology training company.

Prior to that, I worked at Axonify as a Customer Success Associate, and Optimoz, as a Digital Marketing Associate.

I also led the Canadian chapter of Kairos Society (a global network of young entrpreneurs in healthcare, clean tech, and education) from 2016-2017, serving as the Regional President and Conference Chair & Co-Chair of our impact summits.


See blog.

I'm interested in quite a lot. Currently, these three (and their intersection) stand out: programming, design, and writing.

I love transformational festivals – Burning Man is an annual pilgrimage.

Also, like everyone else in 2021, I got super into crypto and NFTs.


I keep track of the books I'm reading here. A few of my all time favorite books include:


Twitter: @LucasCohen12

Instagram: @_lucasacohen

ENS: lucascohen.eth