Lucas Cohen

When the Finite Meets the Infinite

Finite Meets Infinite

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To paraphrase Forrest Landry, expressions have an instructive dynamic. We put thoughts into structure or form.

That’s why the subjective is so much harder to label. It’s not meant to be defined. Its nature is fluidity.

The world has hard lines and edges. Boundaries and contrast.

The mind has no lines nor edges. No limits. Openings and context.

Both are needed for the human experience. The subjective and the objective. The dynamic between the two is at the core of conscious experience.

Some people discount the objective. Idealism, as Forrest calls it. Placing too much significance on the internal world, and even assuming that’s all that exists.

Others discount the subjective. Realism. Only seeing the clear definitions of the physical world, forgetting the meaning and significance inherent in our subjective experiences.

To live fully is to acknowledge and accept both. Know that life is not a binary, one or the other choice. It’s our relationship between the two. Our world and the world. There are infinite subjective worlds, and there’s only one objective world (that we know of).

Infinite subjectivity. Finite objectivity.

When the finite meets the infinite, life shows up.


(This post was highly influenced by Forrest Landry’s The Immanent Metaphysics and

– May 19, 2022