Lucas Cohen

Side Projects

Side projects. Doing things outside one’s normal set of tasks and responsibilities for the sake of curiosity or contribution.

They’re famously known for sparking major life transitions. A change in careers, new relationships, or starting a successful company.

It’s taken me quite a while to start a side project of my own.

Part of that is because my job takes a lot of time. And it often takes me down rabbit holes of learning and creation that in a way, feel similar to side projects.

I also consume a lot of content from others in my spare time, so the bar for what my own side project should be becomes unreachable. My info-sphere is surrounded by people at the top of their domains. That can make starting my own thing feel miles off from those I admire.

And lastly, I haven’t (in a while) thought of one that I actually want to do. Sure, I’ll read books and articles in new domains I’m unfamiliar with… or sometimes try to learn on new skills (ex. javascript or solidity) but when it comes to starting a project around those things, I tend to fall flat on ideas.

And yet, here we are! For some reason, creating a personal website is the side project I’ve taken up.

Let’s see where this goes.

-Jan. 20th, 2022